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大连三渔不锈钢设备有限公司Dalian three fishing stainless steel equipment Co., Ltd.
We, Dalian Sanyu Stainless Steel Equipments Co. Ltd, are a small private enterprise gathering aquatic food machinery and equipment R & D, and stainless steel sales as one unity.having a registered capital of RMB 500,000. It was founded in 2004, Factory covers an area of 2400 square meters for construction area.
We mainly engage in the large production line of squid, canned production line and all ancillary equipment (which can be designed and installed to the site). Also our products include squid shred production line (design and installation), squid pattern cutter, Lap shear machine£¬ shreds cutted machine£¬ peeling & cleaning machine, haptor remover, seasoner, peeler, slice cutter, drier (highly clean drying channel), sea mustard washer, salt grinder for octopus, salt sprayer to herring roe, automatic temperature-controlled baking ...More
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  • Phone:0411-87666958